History of Rainbow

The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls is a junior organization for girls between the ages of 11 and 20, who are from Masonic, Eastern Star and Amaranth homes, as well as the friends of members of Rainbow girls.  Its purpose is to raise self-esteem and build character in its members.  It accomplishes this by teaching charity, hope, and service through their work and involvement with their service projects. 

On April 6, 1922, a class of 171 girls in the auditorium of the Scottish Rite Temple in McAlester, Oklahoma, became the organizations first members.  The writing of the first ritual can be traced back to W. Mark Sexson, a 33rd degree Mason. The foundation of these rituals focus on the following three principles:

  1. Faith in a Supreme Being
  2. Hope in all you do
  3. Charity toward others

Seven stations have been created to represent the seven colors of the rainbow.  These colors are described as follows:

Red represents Love.

Orange represents Religion.

Yellow represents Nature.

  Green represents Immortality.

  Blue represents Fidelity.

  Indigo represents Patriotism.

  Violet represents Service.